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New Class! 

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You keep asking, so I'm delivering. In 1996 I set up my first home office, three computers tied to old school dial ups, and a cell phone that cost me $2.85/minute. Somehow, I was going to create my own job on my own terms. This business was called chillMedia. While it was not my first business, it was my first successful home based freelance agency and where I discovered the bliss of taking charge of my career opportunities. 

Fast forward 27 years, and I'm successfully managing two service based businesses while teaching business and marketing in school settings. What made me decide to launch this course when I'm so busy? YOU! 

People ask me every day asking how to get their new freelance business off the ground. Whether you're seasoned and have been running your business for a while or you're just thinking about it, this course is for YOU! 

Topics we'll cover will include the nuts and bolts, but more importantly, I'll tell you what I've learned and how to cultivate a business that fully sustains you financially, emotionally, and spiritually. There will be manifesting, magic, and practical instruction on how to develop a business that aligns with your heart and soul while doing something you really love! 

Not only will there be classes, but you'll also be set up with a cohort, an online forum to connect between classes and after the course is over, and one on one sessions with me so we can customize instruction and coaching to truly support you in attaining your goals. 

Join the waitlist now, I am launching with a limited number of students and I'm hoping you're going to get on the list! 

If you have any questions, you can contact me here

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