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Is it hard to work in marketing?

Sometimes people ask me, "is it hard to work in marketing? Is it stressful?"

The answer is simply, no. I've had stressful situations or stress about meeting a deadline, but I don't find this job stressful. When you do what you love its joy, fun, and something you just want to do. Falling into this career a million years ago, it was clear that I have a knack for doing what I do.

How do I deal with stress or having too much on my plate?

🕉️ Mindfulness Practice

🕉️ Communication

🕉️ Digital tools like project management applications

🕉️ Working efficiently

🕉️ Productivity Hacks

🕉️ Using Outside Help as Needed

🕉️ Only working with clients who align with my company

If you would like me to talk more about any of these, let me know!

If you do what you love, you'll love it every day of your life. This is my idea of a good time. What's your idea of a good time in your profession?


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