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#StayHome, Ideal Campaign for New General Contractor Client

Before stay at home orders cropped up across the country, we contracted family business Mountain States Building Services to help them with their online presence. Officially, they are our first ConvertGo client, and we're thrilled to be working with them. Their challenges:

  • Brand doesn't match our company, doesn't portray our personality

  • No social media presence

  • Desire to promote different aspects of the company and varied services to wider audience


New brand identity:

We are currently in the process of phase two of updating website, leveraging social media to grab attention of new customers and creating custom graphics to create a lasting impression on the Northern Colorado audience they want to reach.

Taking advantage of our Branding and Identity package offer, they now have a suite of logos, color palate and branding guidelines to work with for their future marketing.

Local family businesses make great clients, because we feed off their passion, their love of their craft and desire to collaborate with us. It's our pleasure to be in partnership with great clients like Mountain States Builders.

Are you ready to update your brand identity? Your journey, starts here.

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