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How marketing has changed?

Welp, I believe that successful marketing has moved away from smarmy calls to action. You don't see extreme promotional ads, and the power of the celebrity is making way to the power of the everyday content creator.

Authentic content marketing that creates a real-time connection with your audience, is what works best. I've been pushing this philosophy for years, and now, look at TikTok!

The reason TikTok is so successful is that your customer feels like you are marketing right to them. You're creating a sense of friendship through video snippets that feel as though they are customized for the person viewing. This is brilliant! I love this. Both creator and recipient glean a feeling of connection. Everyone online is now their own TV channel, pumping out whatever they want to create.

That does not mean you should ignore the many other channels out there to promote your business. Remember, various target audiences are hunkered down on the platform that is most meaningful for them.

This is how marketing has not changed. You need to create a comprehensive strategy with whatever budget you have to reach as many different people as possible. You want to generate multiple impressions in order to help your target audience remember you. Remember the 7 impression rule, it takes that many times for a person to remember you and your business.

Marketing is always evolving and changing because we are becoming savvier about the messaging we are exposed to. We can customize our ads, and curate our own streams.

If you want to learn more about how marketing is evolving and how to create relevant campaigns at an attainable price, reach out to I'll happily jump on a call and talk to you about your goals and what you'd like to make happen for your business. I'd love to work with you and collaborate on your success.


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