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Reach Your Goals

As a goal oriented agency, we care deeply about what you want to achieve in 2023. Think big! We're going to support you getting there. ⁠In your onboarding process, I will ask you to name at least five goals you want to accomplish in the coming year. These goals can be monetary, conversions, notoriety, or something lofty like getting an interview on the Today Show. I want you in this exercise to dream BIG!

Goals help us as your marketing team create objectives that lead to your version of success. When we know what your goals are, we can make them our own.

What are some goals I have as a marketing agency owner?

  • Secure clients who are awesome to collaborate with.

  • Continue to build my design portfolio.

  • Create meaningful relationships.

  • Have the ability to be generous, and hire more consultants to help on projects.

  • Keep having fun!

If you feel like sending me your goals list, I'll happily review and tell you how ConvertGo Marketing can help you achieve them.


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