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Digital Citizenship

What do we do with negativity in our comments? You know I'm talking about the trolls who don't have something great to say. I used to go through those random comments when they occasionally popped up on client accounts and delete them. Fortunately, throughout most of my career, it has not a big deal, just some random spam. Things have changed, sadly, and digital citizenship etiquette has gotten lost. over the past six++ years.

Last night, I got some childish haterade on my personal TikTok account. This was a first for me. I'm not saying that I haven't had arguments, or exchanged unskillful emails. I confess I've had some really ugly debates with strangers on Facebook that never lead to any change. Sadly, I know I have sent my share of angrygrams, and have received them as well.

I am thinking a lot about digital citizenship in current times. How did efforts to be being polite and mindful about what we put on social media give way to just all out attacking people when we're not in alignment with them?

As war is breaking out in Ukraine, and we all continue to suffer from PTSD from unreal angry political arguments on Facebook since 2015, I have to ask, what are we doing? What is the advantage of attacking people on social media, when we're all craving peace. The letting go of this need for hating an "other" is vital in our current climate. Let's stop pushing hate when we create comments, posts, content, and that elevate rather than deflate.

I'd like to propose that we all commit to doing better with our communications, especially online. If we want peace, it needs to start somewhere. Why not in our own digital spaces, backyards, daily interactions, texts, and calls. Is it just me noticing an escalation of unskillfulness online? How can we all collectively do better?

If you read this far, I love you. Thanks for listening and feel free to write your thoughts below. I'm starting a discourse with the hopes that it leads to action. ❤️


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