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We are really going places!

Just want to reflect on where I was in 2020 and where I am now. It really is incredible.

When I launched chillMedia NORTH in 2006, it was such a scary and exciting time. With the help of my pal Valen Swenson we came up with a brand that stuck and still looks damn cool to this day. It became identifiable, and I was able to sustain and grow an independent marketing business for fourteen years. With ups, downs, sideways, great collaborators, shitty clients, weird blips, burps, and awesome success.

Then, the panorama happened. I was afraid my brand was too niche, that I had become too niche, and that it would be hard to reach audiences in uncertain times.

So I changed my business name to ConvertGo Marketing to sound more professional and to attract a broader group of clients. In April 2020, I had the busiest month of my entire career!

In January of '23, I did it again, I updated my branding, and I'm digging the direction it can go. More importantly, I'm relishing the continued success and personal growth I've endured to get to this point.

People hire "young" people because they assume they are best suited to run social media. Smart founders hire me because they want the savvy, the experience, and what I bring to the table with 30 years in this business. Not stopping anytime soon! An experienced marketer provides you with unparalleled capabilities with regard to strategy, years of trends, best practices, data, wisdom, and we know how to dovetail our work into any kind of team.

Three years ago, I shifted gears and switched it up, and I am so so so glad I did!

Onward ho, into next quarter we go.

Work with me! I'm taking on new clients and have the bandwidth to collaborate on new projects. Your journey starts here.

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