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Podcast Interview with Elissa Jane: GenerationXit

I had the pleasure of talking to my pal Samantha Brown at GenerationXit about my new found digital nomad #vanlife. Check out the Living in a Van Full Time as a Digital Nomad Marketer podcast here:

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Why Elissa Jane decided to purchase the van when her son left home.

  • EJ's reasons for opting for van living, as opposed to a digital nomad life without a vehicle.

  • What it’s like living in a van and working full time.

  • How her business, ConvertGo Marketing, operates, and who her ideal clients are.

  • How she has been able to be more creative and more productive since living in the van.

  • How she has undergone a personal transformation since her son left home, as a result of her new freedom, redefining her identity as a van living woman whilst also remaining a mother.

  • Elissa Jane’s advice for other people over 40 who are thinking of becoming location independent.

  • The best advice EJ's has ever received.

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