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Pow! I love to write.

Like seriously, my passion for the written word extends far beyond this job.

I love the way fonts make the same word look different. Playing with scripts, language, messaging, and rearranging words to convey something is my idea of fun. When I'm not doing this marketing thing, I'm writing fiction, poetry, and journaling.

When I was younger, I struggled with reading. My teacher recognized that I liked to write and pushed me to write more. My literacy is founded in my writing, which helped me to fall in love with the written word.

So if you need a blog, or some content, or your website copy to pop, I'm here for it!

Copywriting has become a commodity, and I'm so glad. That means I get to write every day, and that's so awesome.

If you need someone to write something for your business, I'm your gal. Kinds of things you can hire me to write for you:

💜 Website Copy

💜 Advertising Copy

💜 Video and Podcast Scripts

💜 Copywriting

💜 Mission Statement

💜 Media Alert

💜 Blogs

💜 Press Release

💜 Business Plan

💜 Cover Letters

💜 Ghost Writer

Or anything else that requires a branded language and finessed wordsmithing.

Let me know how I can help! Email me

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