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What's New in 2022

In today's marketplace, finding someone like me is as easy as finding a Unicorn walking down Colfax. It's rare to find a multifaceted and intuitive marketer who can perform as many different kinds of activities as I can. Starting out in publicity, I learned the art of writing meaningful copy, while learning to engage a very hard to reach audience. With my finger on the pulse of what's next at any given time, I've stayed relevant by keeping a green and open mindset.

I am always learning. I am always evolving. If there is something new out there, I will try it just to see what it is like.

When I'm working on your campaign, I create a proprietary workflow that is efficient and effective. We create long term strategies together, as well as short term messaging to push across your touchpoints.

I freakin love this job. Seriously, this isn't work for me. It's an extension of creative expression, fun, and my idea of a great time. I love crafting meaningful content, driving sales, creating meaningful connections, and creating a program that makes you money.

What are my current goals? Continue working with entrepreneurs like you who are ready to launch something new and need a bullhorn to get that word out. I want to continue designing, which is something new for me. I'm having so much fun developing brands and building my graphic design skills. Another goal? Make more videos! I'm going to launch a new TikTok channel soon, and I'm so excited. It will combine my love of entrepreneurship, marketing, personal growth, being your own boss, and finding joy in creating your own career. I've been at it for decades, and now it's my turn to teach others how to live the digital nomad life.

You ready to dive into marketing for your business? Great! I want to help you level up. Contact me and tell me your current goals. Let's see if there are ways I can support you in achieving the success you deserve!

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